Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Which Brush Is Best for Your Dog?

There are various brushes and combs available for brushing your dog's hair and you will see they vary in price too. Don't be cheap, a good dog brush is an investment. Which one is the best? It all depends on your dog's hair. I have a Goldendoodle with soft wavy hair and I have found a comb works best for keeping his hair from matting.

I started with a pin brush and when I took him in for grooming I was shown all the mats I missed close to his skin. The pin brush was going over the matted hair and not through it. A pin brush is used to smooth a curly coat and can be used on dogs with long coats, just make sure to get a brush with longer pins.

A rake works well on dogs with thick coats. It will smooth and detangle a coat with its strong teeth.

The Furminator is a popular deshedding tool and if you use it often you will eliminate dog hair around the house. It works by removing your dog's loose undercoat.

A comb will help with tanlges, matting and loosen the undercoat.

When you brush your dog, be gentle and take your time. This is a great time to bond with your four legged furry friend. Brushing your dog often will prevent matting and tangles. Happy Brushing!

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