Thursday, June 6, 2013

Walking Your Dog with A Harness

Do you use a harness when walking your dog? I sure do. Each and every time we go out for a walk I slip his harness on. It allows me to have more control of him should he begin to pull at the sight of a rabbit or another dog.There is no worry about him slipping out of his collar either.

 A harness is just a safer way of walking your dog. It eliminates pressure from your dogs neck and prevents trachea damage should you need to pull him away or if he begins to pull you after something he finds interesting.

If you begin to use a harness at an early age you will teach your puppy not to pull because the pressure from the harness is evenly distributed around the dog's body. She may require a treat in the beginning to get her familiar with the feeling of the harness on her body. Soon enough she will associate the harness with a fun trip to the dog park or a walk around the block.

Harnesses are now a bit of a fashion statement with so many different styles to choose from. Pick up a cute harness today and safely walk your dog in style.

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