Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stay Flea Free this Season

Warmer weather is approaching and so are fleas, ticks and mosquitoes! Here are a few things you can do to keep the bugs away from your dog.                                          

  • Start to use flea and tick protection sooner than later, or even year round. There are many different flea control products such as topical products, sprays, powders and shampoos. The monthly topical application seems to be most popular. Be sure to apply the product correctly in order to obtain its full effect on your dog. 
  • Check your dog for fleas and ticks regularly. You can do this while he is laying down or when you are petting him. Simply part his fur and take a good look at the base of the ears,armpits, around the collar and backside.What exactly are you looking for? A flea is dark and about the size of a sesame seed.You may also find smaller specks that look like dirt and are the size of poppy seeds. Place this small piece of dirt on a wet paper towel and if it turns red, it is flea feces.
  • Trim weeds and keep your lawn maintained so fleas will not want to camp out in your yard. Spraying the lawn, trees and bushes with yard sprays made to keep fleas and ticks away will also help keep your pooch flea free.
  • Fleas love carpet! If you have carpeting in the house vacuum at least once a week during these warmer months to prevent fleas from breeding in your house. I also recommend washing your dogs bedding at least every other week in the warmer months. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Dog Love

Ever have a bad day and as soon as you walk in the house you are greeted by a happy dog and you cant help but smile? That is unconditional dog love!

When I get home Murphy is always at the door and happy as ever. His tail starts to wag, then his butt and as I step into the house he has the full body wag going. He dances along as I move into the kitchen to put my stuff down so I can give him the hello he has been waiting for. For some odd reason he must pass through my legs a few as I pet him. Then the sniffing and licking my hands begins. He must be trying to figure out where I was all day. What a great way to be greeted every time I come home.

Tell me how you are greeted by your best friend when you get home.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Should I Change My Dog's Food?

The more I read about dog food, nutrition and allergies it seems changing up or adding a little something special to my dog's bowl will give him a taste of things he may be craving as well as the nutrition he needs.I have always fed him the same brand of dog food and usually bought lamb and brown rice. It seemed healthy and gentle to digest.

We were back at the vet one day with another ear infection when his diet came up and I explained that he has been on lamb and rice the past few months.It was at that time the suggestion came up to try chicken or salmon as the doctor thought the ear infections could be allergy related. I am now feeding Murphy a chicken recipe and we have not had an ear infection in 3 months! (Knock on Wood) Was it the lamb? We are not really sure, but I am not going to take a chance and buy it any time soon.

A dog's diet can be diverse just like our diet is. I always thought the hard dog food was best because it helped with dental care. I never thought about eating the same food every day, day after day and never knew allergies could develop at any time.

I have learned to incorporate small amounts of healthy, dog-safe food into Murphy's bowl. Every morning we start our day with 2 egg whites and sometimes we eat the entire egg! For dinner we start with a few pieces of plain grilled or broiled chicken and a spoonful of quinoa, brown rice or sweet potatoes followed with his kibble. He is not a fussy eater and always eats what I prepare for dinner. I have made frozen desserts for him with yogurt, baby food and bananas. These make great treats in the summertime!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Bakery Fresh - All Natural Dog Treats

Finding the perfect treats for your best friend can be a challenge. I wanted something natural, low in fat, tasty and made in the USA. No Wheat, No Corn and No Soy were also added to my list of perfect treats for my pooch. 

There are so many reasons to reward your pooch and whatever reason it is I wanted a healthy and safe treat for him. I tend to give him quite a few cookies (that is what we call them in our house) when we are working on new tricks and especially when he comes in the house the first time I say, " Murphy,come".

The treats I now carry on my website,, are the treats he eats most. They are made with organic spelt and do not contain wheat, soy or corn. Spelt is a grain that is slightly sweet in flavor, has fewer calories and a bit more protein than wheat flour. They are sold in 10.5 ounce size in a variety of flavors such as Blueberry, Carob Chip, and Cheeseburger. All treats are made in the USA including all the packaging! Try some today, your pup is sure to love the bakery fresh taste.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Insect Shield Dog T-Shirt

Did you know there was such a thing? A dog shirt that repels bugs? Check out The Guardian Gear outdoor products for dogs.

The Guardian Gear outdoor apparel for your pets are treated with an invisible, odorless repellent that is effective in repelling fleas, ticks, ants, flies, and chiggers. The repellent in  Insect Shield is EPA-registered to last through 70 washes.  Machine wash in cold water on gentle and hang to dry. The shirts are stylish and reasonably priced. recommends this shirt for pooches who spend time outdoors, hang out in the woods or plan to camp this summer. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Great Dog Collar for $20.

Have you ever noticed that when you take your dogs collar off, he/she is like, whoa...what are you doing?  What is that?  Can I sniff it?  Can I lick it? 

Selecting the perfect collar for your dog can be difficult. There are so many to choose from but you have to remember that the collar you choose for your dog is a statement about who he is and who you are. 

My dog, Murphy, wears the Preppy Whale dog collar from Tartan Hound.  (Sold on This collar is not only well made, it's stylish, flexible and well worth the $20 bucks! It is one inch wide and available in sizes Small through X-Large. I love that it is made in the USA (Marion, MA to be specific) and the plastic buckle is actually made in NY!

Why put a solid color collar on your pooch when you can put whales, stars or even stripes on your best friend? Check out the Tartan Hound Collars today @

Friday, March 1, 2013

Does Your Dog Know That You Love Him?

We dress our dogs up, we buy stylish dog beds, healthy treats, toys and even carry them around in designer doggy bags. We treat our dogs as one of us, a human! Right, wrong or other, we are all guilty of loving our dogs.

 Dogs enjoy our affection and here are a few ways to give your dog affection that he can understand. Start by petting your dog around his neck and chest area. Let him sit on the couch with you and enjoy the comfort as much as he will. Try petting him for a bit, then stop. If he nudges you that means he liked it and would like more. 

Engage in a playful manner to give your dog, as well as yourself, a bit of exercise. If you are feeling up to it, take your fuzzy friend for a long walk. Dogs know you care when you say that 4 letter word....Walk!!