Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Treat Your Dog

What do you think of when you hear dog treat? I think of a cookie or bone that my dog loves. Every dog owner gives their dog some sort of treat and even has their own unique name for dog treats. Dogs love special food that is made just for them and we enjoy watching them eat yummy, healthy dog treats.

We can also treat our dogs in ways without food; such as, a trip to the dog park or walking around the neighborhood. This is a great time to spend with your dog and develop a special bond. He is able to socialize with other people and dogs, which is a real treat for him.

Hugs and praise are another great treat for your dog. He loves when you are super happy and only wants more of this affection so he will continue to do what he was doing to receive your attention.

Schedule a playtime with your dog every day even if it is only 15 minutes. Give your dog a real treat with your full attention on him for that 15 minutes. He will love it! Dogs sure do love treats....how will you treat your dog today?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Best Dog Poop Bag

I love to walk my dog, but I hate carrying the bag of dog poop, so I came up with the Do-G-Bag! Now I can walk my dog and not worry about shoving my keys, dog poop bags, and cell phone in my pocket. This bag is hanging in my garage with fresh dog bags inside and on my way out I grab it and off we go! I have used this bag when running to the store. It is a cute accessory and my hands are free when shopping. 

The Do-G-Bag is a special designed bag by LiveLoveAndBark.com that is used while walking your dog. It holds your used dog poop bag as well as your unused bags, cell phone, keys and dog treats.
It keeps you walking in style even with that awful bag of dog poop that no one wants to carry. The Do-G-Bag is a cute cross-body style purse with a waterproof pocket (for the bag of dog poop) and an extra outer pocket for keys, treats, money, etc. Finally, a bag designed to safely hold your dog poop so you don't have to!!

This quilted bag is designed just like a cross-body bag. Made of high quality quilted fabric on the outside with a 100% waterproof liner on the inside. Insert your bag of dog waste into the pocket and seal with the velcro closure. There is plenty of room in the outer pocket for extra dog poop bags, cell phone, car keys, money and dog treats. This dog bag is a must have for all dog walkers and dog lovers!

The Do-G-Bag measures 8" x 10" with a strap of 52 inches long to fit across your body. You can easily wipe the inside down or place in the washing machine. (Lay flat to dry) Fabric is hand selected and each bag is hand made in Buffalo, New York! 

Walk your dog in style and never carry a bag of dog poop again.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Try our Healthy Dog Treats

As a special thanks to our awesome fans, sign up here and you'll be entered to win a bag of dog treats! We're picking three winners on 7/29/13! 

Enter today...your dog would like to try an all natural treat that is made in the USA!


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Spring Cleaning with a Dog

If you own a dog, I am sure there are "dog things" your dog does not like, or use any more. I seem to have various toys, collars, leashes, beds and blankets laying around that Murphy does not use any more. Just look around your garage, basement, living room, toy basket, and closets as I am sure you will find dog stuff!

Today, I decided to do a doggy clean-up at my house. I have created a list of things that I noticed have become clutter if you do not discard or donate these items that your dog is not using. Look for:

*Toys that are not played with or broken
*Small collars
*Leashes that are too short
*Small beds and lumpy ones
*Treats and Food that your dog will not eat

Call your local animal shelter to see if they will take the things your dog has grown out of or just doesn't like.