Tuesday, September 10, 2013

To Crate or Not to Crate

Crating your puppy may not seem like a natural thing to do, but dogs like to feel secure in their own space. Have you ever noticed your dog laying under the table, behind the couch or under your feet? He is seeking a spot that makes him feel safe. You should take advantage of this natural preference and crate train your dog.

It may make you a bit uncomfortable at first, but your dog does not mind his new home. He will feel safe and will stay out of trouble when you are sleeping or when you are not home. Give him a special blanket or crate mat along with a few toys to really make it feel like home.

You want to give your dog's special place a name. Every time I put Murphy in his crate I would say, "Time To Go To Bed." You can say: Go Home, Go to Your Room or Go to Your Place. This will help him understand what you would like him to do in time. Using a treat to get your dog into his crate will also help with the training process. Before you know it, you will give your command and in the crate your dog will go.

As unnatural as crating may seem to us, dogs really do enjoy it!

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