Sunday, September 8, 2013


GoldenDoodle Bailey
Check out this cool website! Skyenimals, pronounced "sky-nimals" is about kids, animals and imagination!

On children can learn about animals, play animal themed activities, and even create their own mixed species animals, called Skyenimals. Children can upload their own artwork or draw animals using an online drawing tool on the site.

Skyenimals is a kid friendly web site, as all the pictures and user supplied drawings are reviewed by the skyenimals admin team before being allowed to appear on the public web site.

Skyenimals has pictures, information and facts on 1,000 of real animals. Every picture on the site, including the ones you draw or upload, can be used in various mini activities and puzzles.

Other interesting things you will find on Skyenimals include
  o Online Skyenimals board and picture books for kids
  o An animal blog for kids that covers various animal themed topics, including zoo reviews, animal ownership, etc.
  o Animal and Nature wallpaper images

Skyenimals can also be found on the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social networks.

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