Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to Stop A Dog from Jumping Up on You

Does your dog jump on your guests when they walk into your house? Does your friend have a dog that jumps on you when you go to visit? The best way to let the dog know you want his behavior to stop is to be a tree.

When you enter your friends house and the dog greets you along with his owner, you want to stay still. Put your arms at your sides or clasp your hands in front of you and stand still. Look at the wall or down at the floor, but do not look at the dog. This simple pose will show the dog that you are not playing or interacting right now. I like to turn my back to the dog and stand still for a minute until he calms down.

If you continue to train your dog with tree pose he will learn not to jump on your family and friends when they come to visit. It is also a great technique to teach children that are nervous around dogs.

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