Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Should I Change My Dog's Food?

The more I read about dog food, nutrition and allergies it seems changing up or adding a little something special to my dog's bowl will give him a taste of things he may be craving as well as the nutrition he needs.I have always fed him the same brand of dog food and usually bought lamb and brown rice. It seemed healthy and gentle to digest.

We were back at the vet one day with another ear infection when his diet came up and I explained that he has been on lamb and rice the past few months.It was at that time the suggestion came up to try chicken or salmon as the doctor thought the ear infections could be allergy related. I am now feeding Murphy a chicken recipe and we have not had an ear infection in 3 months! (Knock on Wood) Was it the lamb? We are not really sure, but I am not going to take a chance and buy it any time soon.

A dog's diet can be diverse just like our diet is. I always thought the hard dog food was best because it helped with dental care. I never thought about eating the same food every day, day after day and never knew allergies could develop at any time.

I have learned to incorporate small amounts of healthy, dog-safe food into Murphy's bowl. Every morning we start our day with 2 egg whites and sometimes we eat the entire egg! For dinner we start with a few pieces of plain grilled or broiled chicken and a spoonful of quinoa, brown rice or sweet potatoes followed with his kibble. He is not a fussy eater and always eats what I prepare for dinner. I have made frozen desserts for him with yogurt, baby food and bananas. These make great treats in the summertime!!

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