Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Great Dog Collar for $20.

Have you ever noticed that when you take your dogs collar off, he/she is like, whoa...what are you doing?  What is that?  Can I sniff it?  Can I lick it? 

Selecting the perfect collar for your dog can be difficult. There are so many to choose from but you have to remember that the collar you choose for your dog is a statement about who he is and who you are. 

My dog, Murphy, wears the Preppy Whale dog collar from Tartan Hound.  (Sold on This collar is not only well made, it's stylish, flexible and well worth the $20 bucks! It is one inch wide and available in sizes Small through X-Large. I love that it is made in the USA (Marion, MA to be specific) and the plastic buckle is actually made in NY!

Why put a solid color collar on your pooch when you can put whales, stars or even stripes on your best friend? Check out the Tartan Hound Collars today @

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