Monday, March 18, 2013

Bakery Fresh - All Natural Dog Treats

Finding the perfect treats for your best friend can be a challenge. I wanted something natural, low in fat, tasty and made in the USA. No Wheat, No Corn and No Soy were also added to my list of perfect treats for my pooch. 

There are so many reasons to reward your pooch and whatever reason it is I wanted a healthy and safe treat for him. I tend to give him quite a few cookies (that is what we call them in our house) when we are working on new tricks and especially when he comes in the house the first time I say, " Murphy,come".

The treats I now carry on my website,, are the treats he eats most. They are made with organic spelt and do not contain wheat, soy or corn. Spelt is a grain that is slightly sweet in flavor, has fewer calories and a bit more protein than wheat flour. They are sold in 10.5 ounce size in a variety of flavors such as Blueberry, Carob Chip, and Cheeseburger. All treats are made in the USA including all the packaging! Try some today, your pup is sure to love the bakery fresh taste.

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