Monday, March 17, 2014

Does Your Dog Suffer from Separation Anxiety?

Does your dog miss you while you are gone? Of course he does, but does he miss you so much that when you return you find chewed furniture, clawed doors and chewed door frames? If this sounds familiar you probably know all about separation anxiety.

Dogs tend to become anxious when left alone and some dogs become more anxious than others. These are the ones that will show signs of separation anxiety. Here a couple of things you can try to help keep your dog calm while you prepare to leave the house.

Before you leave the house for the day, take your dog for a walk and burn some of that energy. He will be a bit tired and with less energy your dog will be less anxious.

Do not use "baby talk". "Bye-Bye- Mommy will be back soon". You know the voice I mean. We have all done it. Anxious dogs will sense that you are preparing to make your departure and the anxiety will begin.

If you must crate your dog every time you leave the house, make it a fun time. Offer treats when you are leaving or put a few inside the crate. You may also stuff a Kong as it will keep your dog busy for hours.

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