Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Dog Safe BBQ

Will you be hosting a BBQ this weekend? You sent your invites, and you are planning the menu now. Don't forget to make this party dog friendly too.

Here are a few pointers that will help keep your dog safe now that BBQ season is here.

*Bones and corn on the cob can be deadly to dogs. If these make it into your dogs mouth there is a chance it could pass through his small intestine which could be fatal. Keep these items in a secure garbage can or in a location where your dog will not be tempted to go.

*Skewers, foil, bottle caps, plastic wrap and pits from fruit can also cause harm to your dog.

*Provide fresh cold water and a place in the shade where he can lay down.

*Ask your friends not to feed your dog the food they do not want.

*If you dog is on a run, be sure he can not reach the grill. You would not want him to get tangled and tip the grill over.

Just a few simple BBQ dog rules for a fun and safe summer on the grill.

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