Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Day with

Earth is our planet that we call home. We live here and need to keep it clean and pollution free. Everyday should be Earth Day!! We should all find one thing we can do to improve the Earth's environment.

Since we only celebrate this clean up day once a year, here are things we can do more regularly to keep our Earth clean.

* Buy all natural cleaners to replace those with chemicals.
* Shut off lights, unplug your laptop, and phone chargers when not in use.
* Buy energy efficient appliances for the house.
* Switch light bulbs to energy efficient bulbs.
* Recycle as much paper and plastic as you can.
* Try to use mass transit or carpool.

This is Murphy...and he is wearing his 100% Organic Bamboo Dog Collar. He is saving the planet one paw at a time.

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