Saturday, February 9, 2013

Moving with Your Dog

Moving into a new house or apartment is a stressful time for us but we need to think about what our dog will go through as we move all of our stuff into a new place. The home they are leaving means leaving behind their territory.

To make a smooth transition, include your dog while you pack and move boxes so he can check things out. He is aware that something is going on with all these items piled around the house. 

When you are ready for the big day, it is probably best to have a dog sitter. It will allow you to get things done and not stress about where the dog is. It will also mean less stress on your dog. When the movers are gone-bring in Fido! He will need to make his rounds and check out the place. 

Sticking to his old routine is very important. Keeping him on the same schedule for eating and bedtime will allow him to acclimate even quicker. Dogs adjust faster than cats simply because we tend to socialize them more. 

Once you are in your new home, take your furry friend for a walk around his new neighborhood. Once he gets used to the new smells, the sooner he will feel at home.

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