Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dogs Love to Run!

Does your dog love to run if you let him go?  Dogs love to run, they just do. Their view of exercise, especially running, is so different from most people. I wish I loved to run as much as my dog does.

Most of us have to force ourselves to work out or exercise daily, but a dog does not require any motivation to go outside for a run. They just do it. It is one of their favorite things to do and they will run as often as you let them. When I open the door to let Murphy outside he takes off in a run to see what is going on out there. 

I always ask my dog if he wants to go for a walk and if he could answer me I bet he would say, "No, I would rather go for a quick run!". Dogs love to run from scent to scent, over to other dogs, and to any other interesting smells. 

Ever play catch with someone? You stand apart from each other and throw the ball toward the person so they catch it. Ever notice where your dog stands when you play fetch with him? He stands next to you and waits for the ball to be thrown away from him so he can take off in a run to get it. He will then run all the way back to you with the ball. Now, if you overthrow the ball to the person you are playing catch with I bet they would be annoyed if they had to run after the ball. 

Many dogs are bred for running such as Siberian Huskies, Shepard Dogs, Border Collies and Greyhounds. Running is not bred out of your dog when he does not do it as often as he likes. It is important to give your pooch some room to run and get a bit of exercise. His few minutes of running gives him a feeling of satisfaction. The saying, " A tired dog is a happy dog" is true.

If you are not up for a run, just play fetch in your yard with your dog. Just throwing a ball for your dog is an easy way for your dog to get in a good amount of running. 

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